What We Do

At Okunrounmu Foundation, we believe in action, and our commitment to making a difference is reflected in the diverse range of activities we undertake. Our initiatives touch lives, empower communities, and create lasting change.


Empowering Through Skills

We recognize the power of vocational skills in transforming lives. Our foundation provides essential financial support for vocational skill training programs, including mechanics training, tailoring, plumbing, painting, art & craft, and more. By empowering individuals with practical skills, we equip them for self-sufficiency and economic independence.

Educational Excellence

Education is a cornerstone of progress, and we are dedicated to ensuring it reaches those who need it the most. Through scholarships, we actively support the educational system, focusing on less privileged, low-income, and needy individuals within our community. Our goal is to open doors to learning opportunities and create a brighter future through education.

Humanitarian Relief & Sustainability

We understand the importance of giving back. We collaborate with local charity organizations to pool resources and expand our reach. Together, we provide vital humanitarian relief to those in crisis, championing causes like supporting widows and orphans. Additionally, we educate underprivileged individuals about sustainability, helping them achieve self-sufficiency and contribute to their communities.